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rebase tool enhancements

I have just uploaded the latest version, 1.18, of my rebase tool:

The changes since 1.5 (in order of perceived importance) are as

    o add skipping of image files corrupted by ReBaseImage()
    o add skipping of unrebaseable arguments
    o add continue to rebase even if an argument generates (non-fatal)
    o change ReBaseImage() call so that SymbolPath equals "" instead
      of 0
    o add verbose option (and default to quiet)
    o add version option

The good news is that rebasing just got easier:

    C:> cd C:\Cygwin
    C:> rebase -v -b 0x68000000 -d cygXpm-X4.dll cygXpm-noX4.dll ...

The above will rebase all DLLs in /usr/bin skipping unrebaseable and
ReBaseImage() corruptible DLLs.  One should explicitly skip cygwin1.dll
since it is not recommended to rebase it (although this seems to be OK).

The bad news is that rebase is slower because I'm making a copy of the
DLLs before rebasing to guard against ReBaseImage() induced corruption.
Additionally, since I'm using tempnam(), the permissions of the DLLs can
change during the rebase operation.

If anyone has a better way to make a temporary copy that maintains
permissions, then please let me know.  Note that I have already tried
chmod() to restore permissions but was unsuccessful.


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