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Re: Setup query


Obviously you have not fully familiarized yourself with the Cygwin User's
guide nor the FAQ.  Please refer to:

You should also try running a search for "vim" in the mailing-list
archives at:

What you interpret as difficulty we interpret as functionality.  Reading
the documentation before you install is general practice. 


--- Chris Game <> wrote:
> One question re the setup window: what does the radio button that 
> offers a choice between DOS and UNIX defaults actually do? I set the 
> button to UNIX for my windows installation because Cygwin is supposed 
> to be a Unix system, right? On the other hand vim complained because 
> some scripts had ^Ms all over the place! Those must be DOS files I 
> think. (And by the way gvim was trashed as far as running shell 
> commands was concerned).
> (Why is this all so difficult?)

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