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Re: i got imap but know what?


Try running the daemon like "strace -oimap.log /usr/sbin/imapd", then do
all the functions you described.  It should give you some insight as to
what the imapd is doing and how it is interacting with Cygwin.  Before you
even consider posting that log, don't bother.  It is likely to be over
500K in size, plus you seem to be the most authoritative person on imap
here.  Though, with some careful attention to the routines, you should get
a general idea where problems are occurring.  Furthermore, you might try
telling the imapd configure script to --enable-debugging and/or
--enable-profiling to discover where the slowdowns problems are occurring.
 You can find various howto's on the web about how to use the profiler. 
Also, I don't know if you were aware, but do a search for cygwin on and you should find a project who's purpose was to port
uw-imap to cygwin.


--- Jim George <> wrote:
> Elfyn and all,
>     Great news!!! It all works!!
>     I changed the Mail root folder in Outlook Express to ~/Mail rather
> than
> /home/<username>/Mail.  For some reason it couldn't find the latter. 
> The
> only other thing I tried was creating a new folder but I can't believe
> that
> that did anything.
>     My last two problems are
>     a) The slowness of connection/authorisation (once past this hurdle
> everything is fine).
>     b) The extraordinary amount of logging that appears to occur in
> Application Log.  What's really annoying about this is that the
> complaint is
> that it can't find a description for the event id (0), which should be a
> good return.
>     Can anyone help me with these last hurdles?
>     BTW I still haven't turned on CRAM-MD5 authentication and am
> wondering
> if this is related to item a?

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