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Re: i got imap but know what?

Elfyn and all,

    Great news!!! It all works!!

    I changed the Mail root folder in Outlook Express to ~/Mail rather than
/home/<username>/Mail.  For some reason it couldn't find the latter.  The
only other thing I tried was creating a new folder but I can't believe that
that did anything.

    My last two problems are
    a) The slowness of connection/authorisation (once past this hurdle
everything is fine).
    b) The extraordinary amount of logging that appears to occur in
Application Log.  What's really annoying about this is that the complaint is
that it can't find a description for the event id (0), which should be a
good return.

    Can anyone help me with these last hurdles?

    BTW I still haven't turned on CRAM-MD5 authentication and am wondering
if this is related to item a?


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Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2002 10:20 PM
Subject: Re: i got imap but know what?

> Hi,
> It just came to we, im looking at the src-dist docs (formats.txt ;
> and it has stuff about
> mailbox formats. The standard and default in the imap-binary-dist in
> flatfile so you cannot poll another mailbox sub-folder. (i think). Im
> guessing you installed the bin-dist which would need to be recompiled (if
> right) because you need to edit a c file to change the mailbox format
> Elfyn McBratney
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