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Re: Solution to issue with apache and mod_php4

Grant Kaufmann wrote:

Using apache-php-4.2.0-1 and apache-1.3.24-5, I ran into a problem
whereby Apache wouldn't run with php being LoadModule and AddModule'ed.
The error message on "apachectl start" (or just running httpd) was:
  Cannot load /usr/lib/apache/libphp4.dll into server: dlopen: Win32
error 126

I ran DependencyWalker (, which showed
that /usr/lib/apache/libphp4.dll had a missing dependency of
"cygbz21.0.dll". I saw that there was a "/bin/cygbz2-1.dll", so I just
"cp /bin/cygbz2-1.dll /bin/cygbz21.0.dll", and everything seemed to

So it looks like the PHP DLL was linked against a cygbz2 DLL with a
different name. It looks like the PHP is working now, but I haven't
tested any bz2 routines from within PHP, so couldn't be certain.

cygbz21.0.dll is in the libbz2_0-1.0.2-1 package.

Whenever "DLL not found" errors arise with cygwin, it is invariably because you have not installed all of the correct packages. Your first step should be to check

NEVER rename or copy DLLs.

bzip maintainer

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