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RE: Jaw dropping to the desk


What you need to remember is that all the cygwin programs
are compiled by a version of the gcc compiler that produces
**windows** programs. So cygwin installs a windows version
of 'ls', a windows version of 'grep', a windows version of
'rvxt', a windows version of 'bash', etc.

Also, remember that the DOS command prompt -
(and the newer cmd.exe) both understand pipelines in the
same syntax as bash, so when you type the '|' character,
cmd.exe knows to connect the standard output of one
program to the standard input of the next.

These two factors explain why your command worked.

/John Vincent.

*tongue lolling around the floor of my mouth*

I forgot I was in DOS and tried to do an "ls | grep" while in cmd.exe
(Win2K)... and it worked!!

How???? How does my Windows OS know how to use Cygwin stuff?



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