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Re: "find" taking a long time

Hi Eric,

I can't be sure about this so someone here will probably correct me, but I
would guess there is some level of directory caching going here. When find
is run on the parent it steps through everything filling whatever buffers
the filesystem code uses. When you do it a second time, the sub directory
is still cached so it doesn't have to read the dir from disk again.

Try rebooting, and doing the find from the sub-dir BEFORE the find of the
parent and see what happens...

Just a guess.

"Eric J. Holtman" wrote:

> This is all on an NTFS formatted disk, and seems to happen with
> either the 1.3.9 or 1.3.11-3 cygwin.dll.
> I have a directory with 40000+ files, and I get the following behavior:
> b:/ejh/dnload $ time find . | wc
>    44198   44232  817239
> real    5m47.429s
> user    0m3.154s
> sys     0m25.956s
> If I try it in a subdirectory there, I get the following:
> b:/ejh/dnload/temp $ time find . | wc
>    20001   20001  160002
> real    0m1.001s
> user    0m0.230s
> sys     0m0.350s
> The only difference I note is that the subdirectories files are all
> very short names (certainly all 8.3), while the parent directory's
> files have very long names.
> Any clues?
> --
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