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Re: cygwin-1.3.11-3 Problem with Privoxy (pthreads problem?)

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 10:11:11AM -0500, D. N. Knisely wrote:
> >I don't think that multiple versions of cygwin1.dll is the problem.
> >Coincidentally, this system is a recent clean install of XP without too much
> >built-up crud.  I searched and found one extra copy (that came along with
> >xplanet), but that wasn't running.  Even after deleting it, the same problem
> >occurs:
> >
> >Jun 25 14:00:31 Privoxy(1628300860) Error: can't fork: No error
> >
> >Further inspection of privoxy suggests that whoever added CYGWIN hooks chose
> >to use threads rather than forking, so it is actually a Posix threads
> >problem.  When I disabled Posix thread use (which reverts to using fork), it
> >started working with 1.3.11.  Here is the code that no longer works; I have
> >no experience with Posix threads:
> >
> >#if defined(FEATURE_PTHREAD) && !defined(SELECTED_ONE_OPTION)
> >         {
> >            pthread_t the_thread;
> >            pthread_attr_t attrs;
> >
> >            pthread_attr_init(&attrs);
> >            pthread_attr_setdetachstate(&attrs, PTHREAD_CREATE_DETACHED);
> >            child_id = (pthread_create(&the_thread, &attrs,
> >               (void*)serve, csp) ? -1 : 0);
> >            pthread_attr_destroy(&attrs);
> >         }
> >#endif
> >
> >child_id is ending up as -1.  Did anything change in this area in 1.3.11?
> Yes, actually.  Nice catch!

I can't reproduce this error neither on NT4 nor on 98, therefore i think
this is a XP related problem.
Unfortunately the 1.3.11 DLL is missing a strace printf after
CreateThread, the only thing i can do is to send a test DLL (about 400k
gzipped). This dll can be copied to the privoxys sbin dir (or rename the
original cygwin1.dll and copy it to the /bin directory).
Start bash, change to the privoxys sbin directory and run

strace -m thread ./privoxy --no-daemon

Please reply if you can take the time and i will send you the test dll.


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