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Re: cygwin-1.3.11 induced a Tcl/Tk problem; not yet solved in snapshot 20020626

On Wed, Jun 26, 2002 at 08:02:26AM +0100, wrote:
>Sorry, I haven't much idea how to report this to you in a helpful manner. I
>use an application that uses Tcl/Tk to do things like present Help files,
>menu lists, history logs, etc to the screen, in separate windows to the main
>application. Up to and including 1.3.10-1 this has worked without problems.
>With the installation of 1.3.11-3 it broke (window presentations failed:
>instead I get error msgs*) and this is still happening with the current
>snapshot cygwin1-20020626.dll.
>* I wish I could describe these helpfully. Here is one:
>expected integer but got ""
>[processing "-width" option]
>invoked from within
>".t.items configure $opt $val"
>["foreach" body line 1]
>invoked from within
>"foreach {opt val}$tcl_look {.t.items configure $opt $val}"
>[file "c:/Cygwin/home/Fergus/sc/tmp/8/wlbox.inp" line 123]
>It's clear that _some_ of this at least refers directly to scripts written
>within the application, and of course one can't expect you to waste any time
>over these. But is any of this usefully indicative of where/how the new
>problems with Tcl/Tk might have been introduced into 1.3.11-3? If indeed
>that is what has happened. It might be something quite different and less
>opaque, to do with, I dunno, file location or something, that just happens
>to manifest itself in this way ...

Sounds like a CRLF problem to me.  1.3.11 defaults to binmode.

>It doesn't matter. I've reverted to 1.3.10-1 and that's fine. I also know
>(see this list June 07-09) that Tcl/Tk is itself the subject of separate
>attention. Just thought this report was marginally better sent than not.
>Thank you for all your work and effort.

It was the subject of much cheering and booing but no one actually stepped
up to the plate to fix any problems.  After a long thread complaining about
the lack of a 5.3 version of tcl/tk, no one has volunteered to help with
the problems that exist in the repository.  So, the
status quo remains.

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