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grep - limited number of arguments?

Now that there is a Korn shell for Cygwin, I am completing
a switchover from MKS Toolkit, which takes a different,
native-win32 approach that is (mostly) not compatible with

One difficulty I have found, however, is limitations (or so
it would seem) on the number of arguments that the command
"grep" can take.  In a directory I have with over 4300 files,
"grep FOOBAR *" exits with: "bash: /usr/bin/grep: Invalid
argument", though it can handle more limited searches (e.g.,
"grep FOOBAR 2000-12*"), and the MKS grep has no problem
with grepping the entire directory, so it would appear to
be a problem with handling arguments generally.  The files
in the directory are named with letters and numbers only,
no spaces, and none longer than 40-50 characters.

Have others found this as well, and are there workarounds?


Dr. Thomas Baker                      
Institutszentrum Schloss Birlinghoven          mobile +49-171-408-5784
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft                          work +49-30-8109-9027
53754 Sankt Augustin, Germany                     fax +49-2241-14-2619

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