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Re: setup feature requests

On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 09:22:00AM -0400, Joe Buehler wrote:
>A few requests for setup.exe:
>- resizable dialog (please, please, please!)
>- make the first 6 dialogs optional -- I already answered all that stuff 
>long ago
>  (but should have the option to go through it again if I want to make 
>  changes...)
>- command-line version -- I am using VNC to get to the desktop and would
>  prefer being able to use xemacs or telnet since setup.exe is all I need VNC 
>  for
>- unattended mode so I can duplicate an install on many machines without
>  resorting to registry editing etc.

Can I seriously suggest that you try checking the setup sources out of
cvs and help implement some of these ideas?  None of them are new.  In
fact, all of them have been mentioned repeatedly.

The best way to help out is to offer some of your time to work on the

If you are not a programmer, then, that's fine, too.  The best way to
help out in that case is to be available for setup.exe testing and to
be aware of the current state of development so as not to make the
setup.exe developers read YA message with the same suggestions for

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