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Re: problems with current cvs release

On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 02:47:40PM +0200, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> > Ok, I found the following in the strace:
> >
> >   178  134631 [main] bzip2 948 alloc_sd: no /etc/passwd entry for 1002
> >
> > 1002 is the uid.  Is that true?  Could you add an /etc/passwd entry?
> Yes, than bzip works, but I'm wondering because the users are in the same group

Huh?  What has the group to do with the uid?

Ntsec needs passwd entries for users and especially the SID in this
file to operate correctly.  Your below passwd files are not very
useful for ntsec.  Why are the SIDs missing?  Are you actually
working under the administrators account?  Did you rename it on
your system or did you only rename it in /etc/passwd?  If so, the entry
should better look like this:


Did you read ?

> services:This_field_is_not_used_by_cygwin_on_nt/2000/xp:1000:513:CYGWIN
> Dienste:/home/services:/bin/bash
> auser::1002:513::/home/auser:/bin/bash
> habacker::500:513::/home/habacker:/bin/bash
> SYSTEM:*:18:18:,S-1-5-18::
> Jeder:*:0:0:,S-1-1-0::
> Administratoren:*:544:544:,S-1-5-32-544::
> That means, that for operations on files, an entry for any possible user must be
> added, regardless of the group. Is this true ?

When using ntsec, yes.  This should have been the case already with
earlier releases of Cygwin.  In 1.3.11 it just got stricter.


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