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Network Trouble

I am having a problem with using the network from within Cygwin. I'm using
Win95 on a Toshiba Satellite with a Xircom PCMCIA network card. This seems
like a particularly trivial problem to me, so I apologize if it has a
particularly trivial solution; I *have* checked the FAQ, the manual and

I can run ping, telnet, ftp, internet explorer, read the newspaper, check
my e-mail and all that from windows, so I assume my Win95 network setup is
correct. From within Cygwin, however, I only get the following:
 $ lynx
 Looking up first
 Looking up
 Making HTTP connection to
 Sending HTTP request.
 Alert!: Unexpected network write error; connection aborted.
 Can't Access `'
 Alert!: Unable to access document.
 lynx: Can't access startfile

I get the same if I try's IP address (

I don't think this is a lynx problem, as I experience similar problems
with gnut (gnutella), another unix program that I run under Cygwin. All
the original windows programs that use the internet (such as ping.exe,
ftp.exe) run properly, even when run from within the Cygwin bash shell.
That's why I conjecture something must be wrong in my Cygwin setup. Am I
maybe just missing a package? Or should I twiddle something in /etc?

	Jaap Weel

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