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Re: Problems with ImageMagik

Jim --

...and then Jim.George said...
% Hi folks,


% 	can you help me with a problem I'm having with the display utility
% of ImageMagik?

This is really more of an IM question, but there's a chance of getting
the answer here.

% 	Simply put it won't do what its name suggests it should..display.
% 	When I enter 'display' on the command line (from within a xterm)
% it says 'unable to connect to XServer'.

Is your $DISPLAY set properly?  Can you fire off another xterm, or any
other X app, at that same commandline?

% 	I've tried xhost+ (not that I should need that but...).

Actually, you might; I've had problems authenticating in what little X
work I've done under Cygwin (so far :-)

% 	Can someone advise please what is going on?

Probably not without more detail.  I forget whether or not there's a -v
or a --debug or other such flag; can you get display to tell us anything

% Regards,
% Jim


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(play) * than to live up to them. -- fortune cookie
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