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Re[2]: cygwin1.dll [1.3.11(CVS)]: Changes since 06/19 snapshot cause page fault in kernel32.dll

Hello Christopher,

Thursday, June 20, 2002, 9:18:35 PM, you wrote:

>>CF> Out of curiousity, does the latest cygwin snapshot die the same way?
>>Yes! It works fine - I mean the precompiled 20020619 dll. I'm just downloading the
>>snapshot source now and will compile it and see if it works. But this
>>is strange - I update my source tree with the diff from the snapshot
>>page when a new snapshot is released - it has worked always till now :(

CF> FWIW, it almost sounds like you are missing a recent change to

Ok - I agree that there is something that I'm missing :) I've
just completed the build of the snapshot from
cygwin-src-20020619.tar.bz2 . The resulting dll has the crash. So
maybe one of these things is the one which causes the crash:

1) The snapshot source is missing this change to
2) The --enable-debugging causes the crash
3) The new binutils has something to do with the crash

I willl now rebuild without --enable-debugging and see what happens.
Then I'll replace the binutils with the old version.

Btw I've checked visually that all the recent changes in are
there. It was last modified 4 days ago though so I should not miss

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