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RE: The Korn Shell [was: Re: What's Up With That (KSH)?]

> Karsten, do you have a status update for us?

Sorry for being late (as always).
Yes, I've got an update.

I've been to NYC a while and met with David Korn several times.

There's a new version of the whole AST package out now which includes
Some minor bugs have been fixed since ksh93m+.

The first build on Cygwin did not look promising, ksh93 was crashing all
the time.
I've changed some things then, e.g. use spawnve() instead of
fork()/exec() in the same way it's done on UWIN, but there's still
something going wrong when I invoke ksh93 with the -c option where the
given command is a script.
I'm not sure if this is a Cygwin or ksh93 bug, yet.
I also changed the builtin commands, so that by default the original GNU
versions are being used and the finetuned for ksh93 AT&T commands are
availabe on demand.
There's yet one command remaining I have to think about: getconf.
getconf is documented as a shell builtin for ksh93, but currently it
resides in the cmd12.dll not in shell11.dll, because on most UNIX
systems getconf is also a separate program. I'd like to get rid of
cmd12.dll completely for the Cygwin version of ksh93. It should be in a
separate package. I hope to hear from David tomorrow regarding this


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