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Re: no syntax highlighting in cygwin / vim

Thanks for your kind response. I found out that if one right click on the cygwin console, click on properties and turn on quick edit, syntax highlighting everywhere in cygwin comes on. I am looking into your suggestions also.
My new problem with cygwin in windows xp is that when I logon as a "named user" cygwin prompt always identify me as administrator, as confirmed when I issue: 'whoami". Whereas in my windows 2000, cygwin always correctly identify the logon user. Your help in windows xp cygwin problem is much appreciated. wrote:

Not dead certain what you mean by syntax highlighting in Cygwin; but does
the following help you recover syntax highlighting in vim? It's a standard
vim ini file I must have nicked from somewhere, so it addresses issues
additional to that of highlighting.

The recent installation of vim lacks the default startup file that earlier
versions had. So: place in your home directory (/home/felix/ or whatever) a
file called .vimrc (note the dot) containing

set nocompatible
set backspace=indent,eol,start
set backup
set history=50
set ruler
set background=dark
set showcmd
set incsearch
syntax on
set hlsearch

or, to make it accessible to all users, put these lines in a file called
vimrc (no dot) in the /usr/share/vim/ directory.


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