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Re: Re[2]: Rebase 1.5-1: Causes invalid page fault


--- Pavel Tsekov <> wrote:
> You printed just the first argument.  There is a total of 11 arguments
> to this function.
> BOOL ReBaseImage(
>   PSTR CurrentImageName,  
>   PSTR SymbolPath,      
>   BOOL fReBase,          
>   BOOL fRebaseSysfileOk,  
>   BOOL fGoingDown,       
>   ULONG CheckImageSize,  
>   ULONG *OldImageSize,  
>   ULONG_PTR *OldImageBase,  
>   ULONG *NewImageSize,  
>   ULONG_PTR *NewImageBase,  
>   ULONG TimeStamp        
> );

Yes, I was being too hasty :-(.  I plan to look at them now.

> It'll be good to look at all of them. The most dangerous should be the
> pointer arguments though. Btw do you have the MS rebase.exe ? If you
> have it, you can try it to see, if it crashes the same way as Jason's
> tool. If this is the case, then maybe there is something wrong with
> these APIs on WindowsMe or the image you're trying to rebase itself.

*Sigh* I was hoping I could avoid that bloat, but It looks like it is
inevitable...  Ok let me go get the platform sdk now...  A question
though, would rebasing dll's on another machine and then moving them to
this machine work?


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