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Re: Setup on Win2k hangs while uninstalling packages

RLO> Running setup.exe on Win2K, Service Pack 2.

RLO> New packages are downloaded correctly (in this case, openssh needed an
RLO> update). When setup tries to uninstall the old openssh, it hangs, eventually
RLO> using up all available RAM, until a dialog box appears to warn about 'low on
RLO> system memory'.

RLO> Hitting 'Cancel' on the setup dialog results in two message boxes:
RLO> 1) a Dr. Watson Fatal Error message:

RLO> "Dr. Watson was unable to attach to the process. It is possible that process
RLO> exited before Dr. Watson could attach to it.

RLO> Windows 2000 returned error code = 87
RLO> The parameter is incorrect"

RLO> and 2) a Program Error message box:

RLO> "<process has already exited> has generated errors and will be closed by
RLO> Windows. You will need to restart the program.

RLO> An error log is being created."

Is it possible to try again and see if you will be able to get Dr.
Watson record its log file ? Or maybe you can install Dr. Mingw on
your machine and try to get a stackdump with it ?

Here is the link: gnu-win32/software/drmingw/

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