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RE: compile gcc 3.1 under cygwin

"Dockeen" <> wrote in">

> One thing that gave me problems, and I should have known better is
> that it is not a good idea to do your configure, make bootstrap,
> make install steps from within the source directory you created
> when you unzipped and untarred the gcc source.
> I put my source in a directory called srcdir, which is within 
> another directory called objdir.  I run all of my commands from
> objdir, not srcdir.
> One question for comparison purposes David, my configure takes
> a couple of minutes, make bootstrap takes about an hour, and
> make install takes a couple of minutes.  I am installing on a
> 1.1 GHz PIII, XP Pro, and I am building C,C++ and F77.  What
> does your install typically run?
> Wayne Keen

exactly that was the problem :)

I ran it from within the source dir. This overwrote some
base Makefiles I think.

it took about 1.5 hours on my Celeron 500 to compile it.
configure took long, too.
install was handled in minutes.

thankx for the help, btw :)
have a nice day.


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