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Re: [CYGWIN] Perl with Postrges under Cygwin

Hallo Jim.George,

>> > <snip>
>> <snap>
> <snop>


>> Just use the CPAN module:
>> Call on the command line:

>> $ cpan
>> And on the CPAN shell do (after init if neccessary):
>> 1.
>> cpan> install DBI

> Brilliant no problems at all.

>> 2.
>> cpan> install DBD::Pg
> This failed due to the POSTGRESS_INCLUDE and POSTGRESS_LIB environment
> variables.  My problem is that I don't know what to set the variables
> to as they don't appear to agree with my directories.  Could you tell
> me what you believe they should be or could be?


$ set | grep POSTGRES_LIB

>> Thats it.

> Well nearly ;)

>> If you got problems with the latest DBD::Pg version, post the
>> output of the single calls 'perl Makefile.PL' and 'make' of the
>> DBD::Pg build.

> See above...sorry

You're welcome,

"All faults& bugs are mine - Robert"
    from squid/acinclude.m4,   Sun Apr 21 05:21:21 2002

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