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Re: KSH on Cygwin

On Fri, Jun 14, 2002 at 04:23:40PM -0500, Joshua Elson wrote:
> I apologize in advance if I've missed an obvious resource or if this question is off-topic for Cygwin (flame or ignore as appropriate).  With the recent KSH emails, I decided to try to get KSH running under Cygwin.
> With emails of pre-compiled binaries for Cygwin and that KSH should compile OOB with Cygwin, I downloaded the INIT and ast-ksh packages for Cygwin and placed them in /tmp/ksh/lib/package/tgz.  I extracted the INIT tarball and then ran bin/package read.  The bin/package read command runs a bit and extracts some files but hangs when it gets to bin/package.  Apparently part of that script renames bin/package to bin/package.old and then gets stuck in some sort of loop (at least I can't tell what it's doing).  This behavior occurs with Cygwin specific packages as well as with the source for INIT and ast-ksh.

Here is what I did.  Originally with the 3/?? versions, then with the
6/14/2002 versions.  It is very similar to what you did, but it worked :)

Download the INIT and either ast-ksh, ast-base, or ast-open for cygwin.
The three ast-* packages differ in the number of executable's included
in the packages, from about 5 in ast-ksh to over 100 in ast-open.  Many
of the latter have counterparts in cygwin's /bin (ex chmod, ls, ...).

I put the downloaded *.tgz files in /tmp and used an empty directory
/tmp/ast for extraction.  The INIT package was extracted as you did,
creating bin, lib, arch, and ???.  Leaving the other package in /tmp,
I then ran bin/package read /tmp/ast-????*, i.e. mentioning the package
by its pathname.

Using the 6/14 versions, the above "read" succeeded for me with any of
the 3 ast-* packages, as long as I only read one of them.  Sometimes,
when I tried to read 2 or 3 of the ast-* packages, one after the other,
or tried to "reread" a package, I got a hang much like you describe.

A successful "read" extracts the ast-* package under arch/cygwin/*.
Created are bin, lib, man, fun (ksh functions) and other dirs.

For a while I just copied a couple of the cmds under
/tmp/ast/arch/cygwin/bin to /bin.  ksh seemed to work fine this way.

Later I decided to load the entire ast-open package on my system.
After extracting it in /tmp/ast/arch/cygwin, I moved all the subdirs
under /ast.  Now I include /ast/bin in my PATH.

Jon H. LaBadie        
 JG Computing
 4455 Province Line Road        (609) 252-0159
 Princeton, NJ  08540-4322      (609) 683-7220 (fax)

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