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Re: Cut down xfree server for XDMCP only

At 11:01 AM 6/15/2002, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:
>On Sun, 16 Jun 2002 12:30 am, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:
>> For example, MySQL use the cygwin dll for their windows
>> port (see but they are
>> using cygwin 1.3.9 not the current version.  This could cause problems in
>> the future if someone does not keep their mysql setup up to date but also
>> uses Cygwin and does keep it up to date (or vice-versa).
>Actually, I just checked a bit more carefully.  They host the source for 
>cygwin 1.3.9, but it looks to me like the actual dll they use is B19 (or at 
>least, it is named cygwinb19.dll - perhaps they have a more recent one and 
>just name it that for compatibility??).

It's possible.  cygwin1.dll is binary compatible with B19 so they might 
just slip in a more current Cygwin DLL by renaming cygwin1.dll to
cygwinb19.dll.  This avoids a recompile and uses the new DLL.  There are 
other ways around this (like editing the binary and replacing all 
occurrences of "cygwinb19.dll" with "cygwin1.dll  " - spacing is important!)
But a simple recompile and relink is the best course of action.  With B19 
so far in the past, it makes no sense to force these contortions/problems
on users, assuming they are still using the B19 DLL in name at least.  You'd 
do well to ask them about this.

>Someone please tell me I'm wrong, but won't this potentially cause serious 
>problems if someone is running mysql (assuming it really is using B19) and 
>also tries to run an up-to-date cygwin install?

You're not wrong.

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