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Re: CRON startup problems with Win2K

I have a similar question to Scott Cokely's.  In particular, I want to run
cron as my normal login user (a domain user on our network), to have access
to the network shares that that user has.

The Services manager lets me set that user for the service, but in starting
cron (with the Services Manager, not cygrunsrv), it fails with the message:
"cron : Win32 Process Id = 0x520 : Cygwin Process Id = 0x520 : starting
service `cron' failed: execv: 1, Not owner." (Copied from the Application
Event Viewer.)

Larry Hall replied to Scott's question:
>> Corinna Vinschen responded with:
>>>> Sure. cron needs privileges only given to SYSTEM by default.
>> So my question is:  What do I do to give cron these privileges?  Starting
>> cron as Administrator doesn't do it, and according to the README, cron
>> is supposed to run as SYSTEM by default.  What do I need to do to make
>> this work for me?
> The SYSTEM account has the required privileges.  No other account does by
> default.  See inetutils-*.README for the list of privileges required.  Keep
> in mind that adding these privileges to another account opens a security 
> hole.

I looked at the inetd privileges in the readme, and they do look scary; does
cron really need all these?  I've been trying to figure out what it is that
cron is "Not owner" of when running as my domain user; all the cron-related
files I've looked at seem to be OK (cron.exe, /var/cron/tabs/*,
/var/run/, ...).  (I've also made sure that the user does have
"Logon as a service" privilege.)

I guess I'd like to understand just what privileges cron needs for what
purposes, and what files it needs what kind of access to, so I can either
find out how to do what I want, or understand exactly why I can't do it.

Any advice and/or enlightenment appreciated,

Don Dwiggins                     "The truth will make you free,         but first it will make you miserable"
                                  -- Tom DeMarco

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