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Re: cross compiling to win32

At 10:52 AM 6/13/2002, Frank Rehberger wrote:
>for cross comilation from Linux to win32 some older mails mention CDK.
>I cant find CDK on cygwin web pages, nor can I at

Cygwin used to be packaged as two monolithic "packages", user tools and 
the developer's kit (cdk).  This was back in the B19 (or before?) days.
Now, for general distribution, setup.exe is used to download packages and
source of interest.

>What has to be done to set up an cross compilation environment on linux for 

If you plan to build the Cygwin DLL, just use the version you get from 
CVS (  Check the email archives for more details
on cross-compiling.  Suggestions for how to do this are there, although in
general it's no more complicated than setting the proper host and target
platforms plus making target dependencies available.  Still, you can find
details in the archives.  Sorry, I forget whether the messages I'm thinking
of are in this list or the developer's.  They'd be fairly old (more than 1

Have fun! :-)

Larry Hall                    
RFK Partners, Inc.            
838 Washington Street                   (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office
Holliston, MA 01746                     (508) 893-9889 - FAX

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