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Re: Updated Tcl Tk and Tix

--- "S. L." <> wrote:
> Nicholas,
> [...]
> > > Here the confusion I was talking, rises again. All GUI shells from
> > > tcl/tk
> > > suite, would use win32api, wether they are cygwin (POSIX enabled),
> or
> > > mingw.
> > > 
> > 
> > But that leaves us who use XFree out in the dust.  Since XFree is part
> of
> > the mainline distribution, we should have XFree support (as well).
> [...]
> As you probably noticed, I avoided to make any reference to X versions
> of
> the tcl/tk suite. This is a X related problem and should be passed to
> another
> list, either xfree or (eventually new?) a xapps one.


You missed the point, but I'm not going to argue it anymore.  FYI, it is
*OK* to discuss X related things on this list, provided it is in the
context of an application which is both Console and X based.  Discussion
of X-related items which uncover a bug in the cygwin dll is also valid on
this list.  A quick scan of the archives would have answered that one for
you...  Making a new list for XFree-apps is just plain dumb... I'm
subscribed to enough lists as it is without having to subscribe to another
one.  I'm sure there are many others who feel the same.


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