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Re: Am I missing something?

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 12:29:33AM -0400, wrote:
>I had to change wincap.{cc,h} in order to get the 6/9/2002 snapshot to
>work for me.  Without that, every cygwin program would segfault before
>entering main, due to trying to access wincapc in the pthreads
>initialization code.
>It seems odd, however, that there's been no discussion of such a
>problem on this list or the cygwin developer's list.

>Thus my question: have I missed something?  Or am I the only one trying
>Anyway, my patch is here, FWIW:

I appreciate the fact that you are trying snapshots but you really
should check that you are actually running the *latest* snapshot.

I also very much appreciate the fact that you're providing patches but,
for the patches to be useful, it's usually safer to generate them
against cvs.  If you're rebuilding cygwin, you'll see fixes much more
quickly if you update from cvs.

Anyway, in this case, the problem was discovered and fixed on

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