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Re: Are there good and bad times to download a copy of Cygwin?

At 11:53 AM 6/11/2002, Fletcher, Bob (GEAE, EB&TS) wrote:

>We have a group of people using the Cygwin command line tools (not compilers).
>Because we all want to use the same copy,  I do a "download from internet" and
>make the copy available to everyone. We try not to upgrade two often to avoid
>the effort of testing new versions. In this scenario, I want to make sure that I
>get a good, stable copy.  
>Are there "better" and "worse" times to take a copy of cygwin?   ( It's always
>"good" to download cygwin :)   Some Open Source  tools have even and odd
>numbered releases that tell you something  about the stability of the release. 
>Do you think that it's better to grab a copy just before the release of the new
>cygwin.dll  ( and be stuck with an old copy) , or just after ( and be stuck with
>a buggy copy) ?

Somewhere in between might be best.  Usually if there are any problems that
affect the general populace, they're noticed right away after a release.
In that case, the bug is fixed and the new version of the same release is
posted.  If there are such problems, you'll see note of them on this list
after the initial release.  Once these quiet down (or you note their 
absence), it's an indication that "now is the time". ;-)  Of course, you
do run the risk still that something you use (and others don't) is broken, 
in which case you've lost some time in the process of getting it fixed.  But 
that's always the game with software.

Larry Hall                    
RFK Partners, Inc.            
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