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Re: Updated Tcl Tk and Tix

Christopher Faylor wrote:

The tcltk package in cygwin has some cygwin knowledge but it is not

Maybe we can stop talking about this now?

If you want to help, check out (via CVS) the tcl/tk 8.3 sources from and offer your help in the insight mailing list for
tracking down problems.

As I said previously, future packages will be based on this.  If you
want to improve things, stop complaining and start contributing.

I believe Nicholas DOES want to help -- but was confused as to where to start. He mentioned the idea to me, but I couldn't offer any advice except "go to the list" -- because I'm confused too.

There's the cygwin official release, based on tcl/tk 8.0 with partial cygwin support but MSWin GUI. Because of Red Hat commercial concerns vis a vis GNUpro, I imagine any official release of the 'tcl' and 'tk' packages will ALWAYS use MSWin GUI's --- you don't want your GNUpro customers to have to run the Xserver just to debug their code...

NEW INFO from cgf (of which neither I nor Nicholas were aware): However, the cygwin support in that version of tcl/tk could be improved -- and development in that direction, for tcl/tk-8.3 is happening on the insight mailing list. Gotcha.

There's also the issue that some folks -- me, for instance -- would like a tcl/tk that DOES work with X11 (e.g for integration with Gnome/KDE, etc). How should *that* be attempted? perhaps 'tcl-x' and 'tk-x' packages installed under /usr/X11R6/ ? Should those be based on the official tcl/tk 8.3 sources, or on the "fork" (if it is a fork) that is being worked on by the insight-on-cygwin guys...and where should this X version be discussed: also on the insight list, or on the cygwin-xfree list, or here? If not on the insight list, then how should the tcl-x/tk-x and tcl/tk package development be coordinated?

And of course, there's the all-important question: suppose all the technical details were worked out wrt tck/tk-8.3 on cygwin and tcl-x/tk-x-8.3 on cygwin. Would the tcl-x/tk-x packages be accepted for distribution? (e.g. would all this just be a waste of Nicholas' time?)


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