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Re: Mailcap and Cygwin/Mutt 1.2.5i


On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 11:09:13AM +0200, Thomas Baker wrote:
> However, the mailcap function has _never_ worked, even with
> careful experimentation ("mailcap entry not found").  On the
> mutt-users mailing list, some users of Cygwin/Mutt 1.2.5i
> said that mailcap worked for them, while others confirmed
> that it did not.

The mailcap function has *always* worked for me.  First, with my private
mutt build before Cygwin provided a mutt package.  Then, with the
standard Cygwin mutt.  And finally, with various 1.3.x and 1.4 private

I just added the following in my ~/.mutt/muttrc file:

    set mailcap_path=~/.mutt/mailcap

Attached is my mailcap file that can be used as a sample.  I have some
"glue" scripts (e.g., winword) that facilitate calling the real viewer.
I have been using them successfully for years and can post them if you
are interested.  However, I've been meaning to switch over to using
cygstart because I think I can write *one* script for everything instead
of a few scripts and a bunch of symlinks.

> [snip]
> I have been trying to reproduce my functioning Unixmail mail
> configuration under /usr/bin/mutt.exe and, while I'm at it,
> set up the new binary for Cygwin/Procmail, but I'm getting
> unsettling (and time-consuming) error messages.  These error
> messages fall into three categories:
> 1) The Unixmail package has mutt_dotlock, the mutt binary was
>    compiled with +USE_DOTLOCK, and my muttrc has "set
>    dotlock_program=bin/mutt_dotlock", but the
>    binary does not have it.  Is the Mutt somehow
>    more "dangerous" with regard to mail coming into an mbox
>    that is being read (WIN2000 file system)?

Probably not because the mbox files *should* be locked via fcntl()
too but I would recommend verifying this WAG.

> 2) A weakly related question: My .fetchmailrc is supposed to
>    have permissions of 710 "at a maximum", but chmod 710
>    .fetchmailrc (under Cygwin) doesn't seem to change the
>    permissions at all.

The Cygwin fetchmail has been patched to relax the above restriction.
However, if on NT/2000/XP with CYGWIN=ntsec, then the chmod will be

> 3) Another WRQ: On the first tries, procmail delivers mail
>    without From-lines, and I figured out that this has
>    something to do with the %F and %T "escapes" but have not
>    found any documentation on these things at all (other than a
>    "man fetchmail" warning that they are potentially unsafe).

My WAG is that you are using the procmail "-m" option, because there
have been other recent posts reporting this problem.  If I'm correct,
don't do that.  Instead invoke procmail (via fetchmail) as follows:

    # from ~/.fetchmailrc
    mda "/usr/bin/procmail -d %T"

> Has anyone written up a guide to solving these issues in
> settling up a Cygwin mail installation?

Maybe?  See the following READMEs:


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