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Re: Rebase 1.5-1: Causes invalid page fault


On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 06:29:49AM -0700, Nicholas Wourms wrote:
> --- Jason Tishler <> wrote:
> > Are you sure?  Under NT/2000, the error message would be something like
> > the following:
> > 
> [snip]
> I guess it wansn't too clear, but I'm running WindowsME.

No, you were quite clear.

> I'm sure the
> error messages would differ slightly, but for the most part they appear
> similar.

I just grep-ed the code and your problem is occurring in a
different (albeit related) place.  Apache is failing in's
reserve_upto(), not in dll_list::load_after_fork().  So, although rebasing
can possibly "fix" this problem, maybe you should try to figure out why
reserve_upto() fails under these circumstances under Me?

> I think it might be worth someone confirming or denying this on
> WinME/9x (with the latest cvs sources and your rebase utility).  If you
> need more information, I can provide it.  Shall I run a strace for you?

No.  Although I contributed rebase, I have no interested in slogging
through a strace log.  Sorry.

> Again, I must point out that there have been some definite issues (in the
> last month or two) regarding the differences in how nt and !nt deal with
> various aspects of file i/o.  I guess my hope was that someone could try
> rebasing with your latest rebase and the latest snapshot of cygwin1.dll. 
> I now know of someone who is looking into another !nt issue and has just
> such a setup on windows95.  I'll check and see if he can reproduce this
> error.  If so I'll report back.

OK, but I'm not sure how I can further assist you.


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