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Re: running shell scripts

At 04:30 AM 6/10/2002, Steven Weiss wrote:
>/Develop/test/bin> chmod 755 work
>/Develop/test/bin> ls -l work
>-rwxr-xr-x    1 dbadmin Administ       27 Jun  9 20:18 work
>/Develop/test/bin> ./work
>bash: ./work: No such file or directory
>I am trying to running a shell script from an interactive bash session. I
>get the following error when running the shell script. It seems to work when
>I put the #! /cygwin/bin/bash inside the script. Surely the script should
>run with the execute permissions set as they are.

bash is *not* the default shell in Cygwin.  /bin/sh is which is ash.  Did
you install it and make sure that it's in your path?

BTW, there's nothing wrong with providing the command interpreter as the 
first line of the script.  Actually, it's highly recommended practice.

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