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Re: Setup for "Just me" or "All Users"

At 02:38 AM 6/10/2002, Gunnar Boström wrote:
>What will be the difference in the setup when I choose "Just me" or "All Users"?
>I can't find this information.

This just says whether the mount points created by setup will be for everyone
or just the user installing it.  See "mount --help" and the "-u" and "-s" 
flags and/or "man mount".

>I would like to install cygwin on a windows XP-server.
>Ideally an user that would like to use cygwin should only set up his(hers) path to cygwin on the server.
>Is this possible?

Actually, that shouldn't be necessary.  If the setup worked properly and 
the user is in /etc/passwd with the proper group in /etc/group, any user
that starts cygwin.bat should be able to use Cygwin, assuming you chose
"All Users" for the question you asked above.

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