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Re: Syslog (was: <no subject>)

Dear All,

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, Bjoern Kahl AG Resy wrote:

> On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, Thomas Mellman wrote:
> > I can't find any reference to syslogd for CYGWIN, although there
> > is a syslog(1).
> > Isn't this daemon necessary to write a /var/log/messages file?
>  AFAIK all syslog-messages are send to the NT-syslog-service. I
>  dont know how it is named in the english version of NT, but in
>  the german NT it is named "Ereignisanzeige", so probably "event-viewer"
>  or some thing like that in the english versions of NT.

I recall a question posted by Chris Faylor some time ago asking if the
community wanted continued support for syslogd in Cygwin. As there was no
demand for it at the time, the support was dropped.

Having thought about it since, I can see some good reasons for having it:

	1) Being able to grep a log file and otherwise process it with
UNIX like tools would be a great advantage. I don't know of anyway to look
at the NT event log using non Windoze tools (and if you could, the
messages are not that friendly).

	2) The ability to send logging to a central syslog server as you
can on UNIX systems would also be useful. We currently centralise our
logging and we than analyse the log to detect attempted intrusion
patterns. extending this to Windows boxes would be very useful.

Just my 2 pen'orth.

Tony Arnold, Deputy to the Head of COS Division, Manchester Computing,
University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL.
T: +44 (0)161 275 6093, F: +44 (0)870 136 1004, M: +44 (0)773 330 0039
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