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performance question

   I have observed that if I run any program linked
with cygwin1.dll (1003.10.0.0) from windows command
prompt, it takes longer time to execute than if I run
the same under cygwin bash shell. I have tested it
with gcc -v command. I initialy thought it is because,
every time I run the program from windows cmd shell,
cygwin1.dll creates and initializes the shared region,
so it takes more time. Then I first launch bash shell
assuming its invocation will create the shared region.
Then I launch windows command shell, (i.e. so now both
bash and windows command shell exists at same time).
Still performance of "gcc -v" from windows command
shell is slower than running "gcc -v" within bash. I
am using dell laptop ,windows 2000, pentium III with
256 MB RAM.
  Can anyone tell me any reason for this slowness, and
how can I get the same performance as I get from bash
shell for any program linked with cygwin1.dll ?
 Suman Ray

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