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RE: setup.exe and disk fragmentation

Setup downloads to a temporary file, which it then renames (no file
copying at all).
Setup subsequently extracts directly to the destination file with no
temporary files at all. 

Temporary files are used for a few things:
1) package database housekeeping (making setup sort-of transactional).
2) Scheduled file replacements on reboots.

Temporary files are deleted as soon as possible.

In short: I don't know why you see this, but someone (not me) needs to
show convincing cause for this, either from source code or filemon
traces or something.

As it is, I'm going to worry about other things :}.


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> Sent: Saturday, 8 June 2002 3:17 AM
> To: CygWin Users' List
> Subject: Re: setup.exe and disk fragmentation
> Cliff, et al --
> ...and then Cliff Hones said...
> % 
> % Having discovered the disk containing my Cygwin installation
> % was heavily fragmented, I tried the following experiment:
> ...
> % developing the utility.  Minimising file copying, and deleting
> % temporary files as soon as possible would help.
> I don't know anything about how it works or how the tmp stuff is used
> (a build area + a quick mv, or a temp-use-delete?), but 
> perhaps allowing
> for another partition, even asking the user for one, (and taking note
> of $TMP?)  could help...
> :-D
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