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Re: Installation problem: Bash commands not working

Didnt succeed installing afetr several tries. What I did is the following:

1) In my office I downloaded the setup.exe and started it and told it to just download all packages
2) I burned the whole downloaded directory structure on CD and took it home
3) There I copied the whole thing to my hard disk and started setup.exe again and told it to install from the downloaded files (I set all the packages to "install")
4) Everything looked fine and after 15 minutes a dialog came up and asked me about putting shortcuts on the desktop and the start menu. I confirmed and then the strange thing happened: Several text windows opened and closed again doing some initialisation. I could see the error message "command not found" several times.
5) After that, a message box told me that setup was complete.
6) I then started Cygwin using the shortcut on the desktop and a text windows opens and says:

BASH: id: command not found
BASH: mkdir: command not found
BASH: cd: /home/js: No such file or directory

js@JS_NEU /usr/bin

The PATH variable seems to be ok, cygcheck says:

Path: D:\cygwin\usr\local\bin


The strange thing is that I cannot find any "ls" or "ls.exe" file in the Cygwin directories.

I'll now delete everything again and install again and check the setup.log.full.

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