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RE: GhostScript ps2pdf

Hi Nicholas, I tracked the problem down some more and I can now make the
problem appear or go away by changing the CYGWIN environment variable in

If I have "check_case:strict" in the CYGWIN variable, ps2pdf does not work.
If I take out "check_case:strict", ps2pdf does work properly.

So, it appears that there might be a problem with ghostscript itself. It's
probably looking for a file called "fontmap" when in reality, the file is
called "Fontmap". With "check_case:strict", it wont find the file it's
looking for.

I've attached the strace output for when ps2pdf fails, but I can't figure
out exactly where it starts having problems.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nicholas Wourms []
> Sent: den 7 juni 2002 15:04
> To: Nicholas Wourms; James Peroulas;
> Subject: RE: GhostScript ps2pdf
> James,
> I just installed the latest ghostscript and such from setup.exe on my
> Windows ME box, which is running the latest cygwin sources compiled from
> cvs.  This is the result:
> $ ps2pdf test.pdf
> %%[ ProductName: GNU Ghostscript ]%%
> %%[Page: 1]%%
> %%[LastPage]%%
> Seems to work fine for me, so you might want to run setup and reinstall
> the various required components for ghostscript and friends.  If it still
> causes a problem, run:
> cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out; bzip2 -9 cygcheck.out
> Include that and your bzipped strace output in your reply.
> Cheers,
> Nicholas
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