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Re: sem_getvalue patch


Step 3 Should Read:

"3)Download, compile and install the latest cvs cygwin sources and patch
for cygserver support."

I also should mention that when you compile, follow the directions
specified at:

It is vitally important that you install to a temp directory!

Also, the install scripts have been doing some weird and annoying things
lately so you should do this after you run "make install".  Switch to the
directory "/install/i686-pc-cygwin", and run the following:

tar -cvf ../foo.tar .; cd ..; rm -fR i686-pc-cygwin; \
tar -xvf foo.tar; rm -fR foo.tar; tar --exclude=cygwin1.dll \
-cvf /usr/foo.tar .; \
cd /usr; tar -xvf foo.tar; rm -fR foo.tar

Then shutdown all cygwin processes (including cygipc which should have
already been removed).  Open explorer and copy
\path\to\cygwin\install\bin\cygwin1.dll to \path\to\cygwin\bin\ and that
is all done.

If you know how to do this already, then I apologize.  Consider this a
reference for newbies in the mailing list archives.  As for anyone else,
let it be know that I am a tar junkie, so that is why I heavily rely on
it, 'nuff said.


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