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RE: What's the current status of setup.*.exe?

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> Sent: Thursday, 6 June 2002 4:37 PM
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> Subject: What's the current status of setup.*.exe?
> Guys : Sorry, I've completely lost track of what is supposed to be the
> current status of the setup executable. There are still 
> occasional messages
> to this list reporting glitches of one sort or another, 
> almost all to do
> with msgbox announcements about "incomplete" downloads or 
> installations, or
> failure to open "[null]" for reading; some problems with 
> path/filenames
> particularly with expect.*.src; recurrent reminders that 
> setup.*.src files
> are available for download; ... and so on. Some users report "Thanks,
> everything now fine" after being referred to the latest setup 
> snapshot.
> Also differing problems with download-then-installation from the web;
> installation from a local directory; installation from a home-made CD.
> Reports of freezing.

Yes, the current release code has *known* problems. The is
targeted at correcting what you could describe as sev 1 faults.

> Last night I ran a brand new and current installation from a local
> directory, using the snapshot setup- in W98/SE, 
> and experienced
> all the problems described in para 1, though the installation proceeds
> [seems to proceed] perfectly well if one simply presses the 
> appropriate
> "ignore and carry on" button. And despite the failure message 
> at the end,
> the entire installation completes [seems to complete] 
> properly. Do you want
> me to tell you about these installation problems?! 

Yes. We're about to make the current snapshot the new release in a few
days time, once some serious user testing takes place. So any feedback
on the snapshot is appreciated (with appropriate scenario descriptions
and log files, of course).

As far as I knew, all the issues in para 1 had been addressed by the
snapshot, so please... Describe away.


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