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Re: /proc/registry issues

> >Some more or less minor issues w/ /proc/registry:
> >
> >*) All the files have a size of 0, regardless of their contents. (This
> >explain why if you open a registry file in XEmacs, it comes up empty.)
> >can get the size of a value's data is accessible, without retrieving the
> >data itself, via RegQueryValueEx.
> This is similar to most of the files in /proc on linux.
This is for a number of reasons, not least the fact that for many files the
file size changes quite frequently. Also, for some files, to find the file
size you actually have to generate the file's content and that incurs some
overhead. Having said that, there's certainly no reason why calling fstat on
the files in /proc/registry returns 0 other than the fact that I never got
round to writing the code to fill in this information. Also, since I moved
the code that generates the file data for the files in /proc to a separate
virtual class member, it should be possible to return file sizes for the
other files in /proc (however this will incur the overhead discussed above).
In my opinion, however, that overhead is unacceptable for a simple file
listing and should be avoided.


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