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Re: cygwin setup v2.218.2.9: does not display all available packages in local install mode

Edward --

...and then Edward Rudd said...
% I ran the setup.exe and chose download from internet and downloaded ALL

I don't have a good answer for this; it's supposed to work :-)  If you
have the "missing" files in your release tree and in setup.ini then
setup should happily find and let you choose from them.

Have you tried moving everything out from under the http* mirror directory
up in to a release/ directory at the same level as setup.exe?

% a related question to the problem is:
% Is there a way to MANUALLY install a package? (ie. through a command
% line installer?) 

This one I think I know...  Just cd to / and tar xpfz (perhaps xpfj)
the package tarball to extract it; aside from some of the core stuff,
I believe that's all setup.exe has to do for all of the rest of the

% Edward Rudd


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