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RE: run batch w/o .bat?

At 12:32 PM 6/4/2002, Barnhart, Kevin wrote:
>        [Barnhart, Kevin]  What sort of worms?  

I think my last sentence sums it up.  Also, if you take a look at the
code responsible for figuring out what's an executable and what's not in
Cygwin, you'll likely get a better feel for the scope of the issue here.

>      How big is the can?

No matter what size can you give me, I can find more worms than will fit in
it! ;-)

>        Performance issues = me having to edit new batch files all the time.

OK but I really have no idea what this statement means in the context of 
this thread.

>        Kevin 
>> <snip>
>> >Same here; it's just nice to not have to remember to tack on the .bat if
>> >possible.
>> >
>> Right.  This has been discussed.  It could be added but it opens up a can
>> of
>> worms and would likely result in performance issues as well.  Searching
>> for
>> foo.exe and foo.bat (and and and ...) whenever someone
>> types
>> "foo" is not ideal.
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