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Re: Duplicating Unix Domain Sockets

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 04:47:49PM -0400, David E Euresti wrote:
>Allright.  So I have two solutions.
>(And tell me if I should direct this to the folks at cygwin-devel)
>Make cygwin be able to implement the Ancillary data as in 4.3+BSD as
>described in section 15.3.3 in Advanced Programming in the Unix
>To implement this, I would tag all messages sent on Unix domain sockets
>with a tag like this:
>struct tag {
>	int adatalen; // Length of ancillary data
>	int rdatalen; // Length of real data
>Then when you receive it your first read the tag and if there is ancillary
>data read it and do what you need to do (convert the info into an fd) and
>then read the rdatalen.  If there is more rdatalen than the length of
>buffer sent to you, you return what you can, and remember how much is
>This is obviously a big task, and opinions would be quite welcome.

Sounds like it would slow down every UNIX domain socket read.

I'll let Egor comment on this, though.  It's his code.


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