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text/binary problem since 20020530 snapshot

Since the 20020530 snapshot the default mode for open is binary.
>From :
> 2002-05-29  Christopher Faylor  <>
>         * (binmode): Default to binmode when mode is not known.

This turns out to be a serious problem for a cygwin hosted cross-compiler
I am using: prc-tools (gcc for PalmOS. See
for details).
A part of the C include files are supplied as part of the Palm SDK. These
are installed by a 'normal' Windows installer and have DOS cr/lf endings.
To accomodate this, the installation instructions make you install them
on a text mounted filesystem in the directory /PalmDev.
(mount -t <path to SDKs> /PalmDev)
The cross-compiler itself and the other include files are in my case
installed on a bin mounted filesystem.
The Palm supplied include files have a lot of multi-line definitions,
and now the m68k-palmos-gcc stumbles over the <cr> after the continuation '\'.
You get zillions of "stray '\' in program" messages from m68k-palmos-gcc.
This did *not* happen before the 20020530 snapshot.

- With the behaviour since 20020503, does it make any difference at all
  if a filesystem is text or binary mounted for reading/writing when
  no mode is specified in the open() call ?
- What is the intended behaviour of a text vs binary mounted filesystem
  in the case of question 1 ?
- Depending on the answer to the 2nd question, this change might have to be
  reverted to the original 1.3.10 behaviour.


Ton van Overbeek
P.S. While browsing the code, saw a global variable binmode,
     which does not seem to do anything. What is its purpose ?

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