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slow tar; used to be fast

Hi, all --

I run a bash script after I burn an MP3 CD which gathers meta-information
(file size, names, timestamps, ...) on the source and CD versions to then
store on the CD in a second pass.  The script basically just does

  cd srcdir
  du -k mp3 > meta/mp3-long.du
  find mp3 > meta/mp3-long.find
  tar cpf - mp3 | tar tfv - > meta/mp3-long.tar

  cd cddrive
  du -k mp3 > meta/mp3-short.du
  find mp3 > meta/mp3-short.find
  tar cpf - mp3 | tar tfv - > meta/mp3-short.tar

All of that is straightforward enough, but under B20 it used to take
about two minutes to tar the entire 600M tree, either from the hard disk
source dir or the cd dest dir.  Now it takes eleven minutes.

I don't even know what sort of debugging info to provide, but is this
behavior expected and, in either case, can it be sped up?


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