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Re: Building cygwin1.dll and mknetrel

Well, I don't want to give the list a flow of conciousness on this
thing, but I will note that you can avoid the linux packages my setting
up a ~/.mknetrel file as a shell script that defines build_config_opts.
By default, it explicitly sets the build system to be a linux box.

Also, you can set a series of variables like build_cxx, build_cc,
build_ranlib, etc rather than creating the i686-cygwin symbolic links.

And lastly, I was wrong about /netrel, it is a default, not hardcoded.

Anyway, some of this was added within the last few days.

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 05:33:25AM -0400, wrote:
> Here are some observations of building cygwin1.dll with the mknetrel
> package.  I have not yet looked enough at the innards to be able to
> document how to add an 'extras' file, which is how mknetrel overrides
> the normal build procedure for some packages.  All in all, it looks like
> a pretty elegant package made up mostly of shell scripts, which
> themselves are made up mostly of shell functions.  It may be copied into
> the FAQ or anywhere else you may like.  There's even a company in Oragon
> that will print in onto a roll of toilet paper for you. ;->  If it
> doesn't end up on the official web, I'll probably just throw it on my
> site.
> For testing of this script, I made a fresh install with setup, and
> installed the following packages:
> ash            bash           binutils       bzip2          crypt          
> cvs            cygwin         diffutils      ed             fileutils      
> findutils      gawk           gcc            gdbm           grep           
> gzip           libbz2_1       libintl1       libncurses5    libncurses6    
> libpng         libreadline4   libreadline5   make           mingw-runtime  
> pcre          *perl           sed            sh-utils       tar            
> terminfo      *tetex-beta     texinfo        textutils     *getopt 
> This appears to be close to the minimum set.  Perl may not be needed.
> tetex-beta really isn't needed, it is installed just for readlink.  The
> command, I think, could be replaced with:
> | #!/usr/bin/perl
> | $x = readlink $ARGV[0];
> | exit 1 unless defined $x;
> | print $x, "\n";
> | exit 0;
> or maybe
> |#!/bin/bash
> |find "$1" -type l -maxdepth 0 -printf '%l\n'
> getopt is not a cygwin package.  My copy came out of a copy of smail on
> my linux box, it's PD from AT&T, and compiled out of the box on cygwin.
> It could probably be replaced with a shell script/function.
> After installing the system, and adding getopt, the following script was
> sufficient to build cygwin; it ended up in a lovely tarball in
> /netrel/uploads.
> |PATH=/netrel/mknetrel/bin:/bin
> |cd /bin
> |for name in c++ ar ranlib g++ dlltool as windres nm strip; do
> |  do ln -s $name i686-pc-cygwin-$name
> |done
> |cd /
> |mkdir netrel
> |cd netrel
> |cvs -d co
> |mknetrel
> |mkdir src inst build uploads extra
> |cd src
> |
> |tar -xjf $SETUPDIR/release/cygwin/*-src.tar.bz2
> |tar -xjf $SETUPDIR/release/mingw-runtime/*-src.tar.bz2
> |tar -xjf $SETUPDIR/release/w32api/*-src.tar.bz2
> |
> |cd cygwin*/winsup
> |rm -fr mingw cinstall w32api
> |ln -s /netrel/src/mingw-runtime-*/ mingw
> |ln -s /netrel/src/w32api-*/ w32api
> |
> |cd /netrel
> |mknetrel cygwin 2>&1 | tee mknetrel.cygwin.out
> Notes:
> 	*	The first time you connect to the CVS server, you're going to
> 	 	have to do a cvs login
> 	*	mknetrel has hardcoded absolute paths.  your build tree must be
> 	 	in /netrel exactly.
> 	*	mknetrel, it appears, can build most but not all cygwin
> 	 	packages.  vim, for example, looses, because the build must be
> 		done in the src directory.  It looks like an 'extras' script
> 		could be produced to accomidate vim, either with a link tree (I
> 		seem to recall the vim build supports this) or some other hack.
> 	*	On my production system, I had to change the '#!/bin/sh' to
> 		'#!/bin/bash' on one of the mknetrel shell scripts
> 		to get the shell to accept the usage of getopts ... but on the
> 		fresh install, I did not.  (This is the bash getopts builtin,
> 		not the standalone and singular 'getopt' discussed above)
> 	*	The fact that mknetrel uses i686-pc-cygwin-xxx as it's tools
> 		during the build implies that it may work with a cross compiler
> 		as well, or may have been developed to cross compile.  I haven't
> 		yet had time to prove this.
> 	*	I use wildcards in some places to avoid explicitly stating
> 		package versions.  The drawback to this approach is that it will
> 		break in the presence of dup package versions.
> 	*	Some of my test builds produced a linux version of libiberty as
> 		an added bonus.  I don't know why, but it didn't seem to hurt
> 		anything
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