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Re: try try again (waiting for the retraction/correction)

It doesn't properly report i586 CPU.  I haven't had a round tuit moment
to look into it myself.  Instead of i586 you get i686.

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On Tue, May 28, 2002 at 09:10:52PM +0000, wrote:
>I need proper information for makefiles to get, and I *am* using uname
>to get that info.  It's wrong too (I am NOT at that system this pm and
>cannot double-triple- check that, but am very close to sure, and if I
>was wrong I'll post a retraction/correction about it later, when I've
>had a chance to re-check it, if I am not banned from the List by then).

Well, you're not banned from the list (I don't ban people for blowing
off steam).

Since I'm going to be releasing 1.3.11 soon, I'm interested in knowing
of potential problems with uname.

If you could provide a summary of what's wrong with uname, I'll try to
fix it before the next release.

If this was just cockpit error, it would be useful to know that too,
since you are so adamant about claiming that uname is wrong.


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