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Problem with port of WINE dlls to mingw using cygwin

I have been working with wine-dev to port WINE to the
Mingw platform for the ReactOS project. Currently we
can build 90% of WINE dlls and programs under a cygwin
host with no problems.

The problem I am having is when I go to use the
dlls/programs they are still being linked to
cygwin1.dll even though they do not appear to be
importing anything from cygwin1.dll

This is the configure command I am using.
./configure --host=mingw --target=mingw --build=mingw
CFLAGS="-D_WINDOWS -D__MIGNW__ -mno-cygwin
-fnative-struct" CCFLAGS="-D_WINDOWS -D__MIGNW__
-mno-cygwin -fnative-struct"

Everything seems to build and run fine but when I go
to use a tool/program/dll on a windows98 or NT box
without cygwin it throws a exception about missing
cygwin1.dll. Anyone got any ideas about why it is
still doing this?

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