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Re: Using a real mirroring tool...

You might want to check out
for a mirroring tool that uses perl for ftp/http access.

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Charles Wilson wrote:

> So, if someone cares enough to do the work, there is still a need for 
> the "additional tool" that uses the setup.exe codebase to do 
> "cygwin-specific distributed mirroring".  See my earlier rant.

Oh, I left out the most obvious reason why rsync won't solve all of our 
problems: we have lots of ftp and http mirrors, but very few (ONE?) 
rsync mirrors.  That really kills the "distributed" nature of the mirror 
system; that poor guy in Thailand with the slow connection would be 
rsync'ing across the Pacific from Indiana...that can't be good.

A tool that leverages the setup.exe codebase would inherit the ability 
to use the existing ftp and http mirror sites.

</stating the obvious>

P.S. you might want to add --exclude *-src.tar.* to the option string, 
if you don't want the -src tarballs.

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